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We are Another Approach, an up and coming prog metal quintet from Winterthur (Switzerland). With a wide array of influences ranging from traditional hard rock and heavy metal over prog metal classics like Dream Theater to modern day djent and metalcore music such as brought to widespread attention by Periphery or Avenged Sevenfold, our main aim is to create music floating in the balance between heavy riffing, progressive innovation and melodies both catchy and heartfelt. Enter a world of musical storytelling, tricky rhythms and hard-hitting breakdowns, a world of epic and grandiose as well as subtly humorous moments. Enter Another Approach.

Another Approach are:

Jan Brasser: Vocals
Oliver Kürzi: Guitars, Backing Vocals
Claudio Ramsauer: Bass
Fabian Wälle: Keyboards and Piano
Cyril Hertz: Drums and Percussion